Sunday, 25 March 2012


Assalammualaikum,  Ready stock( mist and lotion only) will be available on 9th April 2012.
Here we introduce another latest fragrance by VS in our album..
Place your order now
Thank You =)

 -Aqua Kiss, Secret Craving-

1 item=RM55 with free postage 
2 items =RM100 with free postage (can mix mist & lotion)
Wholesaler(min 3 items=RM48 each with free postage)(can mix)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Promo March 2012


Now i'm open for pre-order until 23rd March 2012 (Friday) -Update: pre-order closed-

any range of VS Fantasies::: Body Lotion/ Body Mist/Body Wash/Body Scrub/Body Butter/ Hand and Body Cream

1 item=RM55 with free postage

2 items=RM100 with free postage

Wholesaler(min 3 items=RM48 each with free postage) 

interested msg me at FB or contact via email ..=D